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椎間盤突出 Protruded Intervertebral Disc  --  翁偉彬先生

椎間盤是位於脊椎之間的啫喱狀軟骨。它的主要功能是協助身體搖擺及避震。常見導致軟骨移位的原因有: 突然的彎腰抽重東西,運動創傷或長時間的不良工作姿勢。它的徵狀與坐骨神經痛相似,但病發會比較突然和急性。

Protrusion of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc (PID) is a common cause of low back pain and Sciatica. Disc protrusion is often precipitated by injury, for example, back sprain injury due to sudden lifting of heavy object while trunk is bent or twisted. Sports injury and poor posture are other common causes for disc protrusion.

The symptoms of protruded lumbar intervertebral disc include: Radiating pain from buttock to the back of the thigh and then to the calf, tingling or numbness in the calf or foot, and increase of back / thigh pain upon coughing or sneezing.