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脊柱側彎 Scoliosis  --  翁偉彬先生

脊柱側彎是在脊骨旁側有不正常的彎度,最常見於幼童和青少年。根據研究顯示,脊柱側彎通常是由於脊骨與肌肉不平衡的生長、或脊骨與神經功能不正常而形成。亦有些側彎是由病毒感染而造成的,例如:神經萎縮,小兒痲痺,或出生時的毛病所引致。 無論是哪種類型的脊柱側彎,假若父母或醫生能及早發現問題,並盡早提供治療和護理,便能防止脊柱弧度加深,並矯正因不正常弧度和不平衡重量分佈而引致的腰背痛和膝關節疼痛。
Scoliosis denotes lateral curvature of the spine. The percentage of having scoliosis is higher in the group of children and teenager. The problem is most likely due to muscle imbalance along the spine and bony abnormality of the spinal column. It was proved that poor posture does not lead to Scoliosis, but a poor posture does definitely make secondary problems, like back and knee pain worse! In children, spinal deformity is usually the only symptom. Pain is usually a feature in adults with long-standing deformity.