Our Team - Natalie Wong

Before becoming a registered physiotherapist in Hong Kong, Natalie first completed a BSc. in Nursing at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She worked for over 3 years as a registered nurse in Melbourne on the way to become an Associate Nurse Unit Manager at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

After setting aside her nursing career to pursue her goal of becoming a physiotherapist, she returned to Hong Kong and attained the BSc. in Physiotherapy from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Upon graduation, she has worked in the public hospital setting.

Natalie’s clinical interest is in neck and back care through exercise, acupuncture and manual therapy.

王瑩小姐( Natalie Wong)畢業於澳洲墨爾本蒙納殊大學 (Monash University) 護理學系,並於澳洲Royal Melbourne Hospital任職註冊護士3年多,及後晉升並擔任助理病房經理一職。