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Orthopaedics Rehabilitation  

Our treatment targets not only on symptomatic relief, but also on complete and long-lasting healing. This is achieved by a hybrid treatment of Manual Therapy, Joint Manipulative Therapy, Acupuncture, Exercise Regimen, Postural re-education and life style modification.


Sports Injury Rehabilitation  


Our Sports Medicine-trained therapists deliver specific Sports Injury Rehabilitation through training of sports-specific muscle group, treatment for inflammation resolution, treatment fr long-standing overuse conditions, technique drill, sportsmen counselling, and education on proper injury prevention.


Sports on-field services  

Acute injury does frequently happen right during the sports event. With immediate and effective treatment, complications and worsening of the injury, and hence deterioration of future sports performance can thus be avoided. On the other hand, our therapists provide pre-game warm up and prophylactic sports-taping so as to reduce the chance of injury.


Work Injury Rehabilitation  


Our Work Injury Rehabilitation services emphasized on patient counselling, education of the patient’s condition, active participation into the treatment and work hardening. Under optimal treatment services, together with close communication between referring doctors, case managers, patients and the physiotherapist, it is expected that we can gain patient’s rapport and facilitate early return-to-work


Neurological Rehabilitation  

With the use of functional electrical stimulation, acupuncture and manual techniques in motor facilitation, paralysed muscles are trained and stimulated to promote movement control. Patients with conditions such as stroke and facial nerve palsy shall benefit from the treatment regimen.


Tailor-making of Orthotics  

Occasionally, after different attempts of treatment (particularly lower back and knees), the symptoms may not progress to satisfaction. The poor result may be due to un-corrected flat foot or mis-aligned intervertebral column. These deformities, which leading to uneven weight-bearing, can be easily tackled by a pair of tailor-made foot Orthotics.


Office Ergonomic Consultancy  

In this service, we provide on-site investigations to spot out potential risk factors in the workplace. After the visit, we will discuss with the HR department and reach a professional and feasible solution to tackle with the hazards.


Chest Physiotherapy  

Frequently after upper respiratory tract infection, infants or toddlers are prone to sputum retention, which may lead to chest infection and longstanding fever. Manual percussion and other sputum removal techniques will be deployed to ensure chest clearance.


Exercise Therapy  


Exercise therapy is an important adjunct modality to complement the treatment of different musculoskeletal conditions, particularly disorders in the spinal column. Therapist will analyse for any faulty biomechanics in muscles and postures and provide remedy by specific training on targeted muscle groups.



Our therapists are accredited acupuncture practitioners, as well as registered physiotherapists. We utilise acupuncture to complement conventional Physiotherapy, for further muscle relaxation and pain relief and hence a more thorough and long-lasting treatment effect.


Health Care Seminar and Workshop  


We tailor-make health talks and seminars for corporate, schools and sports club on various health topics. Please contact us for a list of suggested topics


Out-reach Services  

It is too painful for you to go out and visit us? No worry. We provide home services to seniors and patients who are too sick and unable to reach us.