Self Photos / Files - albert6Albert Tse


Albert obtained his Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is a registered Physiotherapist in both Hong Kong and Australia.

His other professional qualifications include: Professional Diploma in Acupuncture from The Hong Kong Baptist University; Certificate in Functional Capacity Evaluation from The American Board of Disability Assessment (ABDA); and Master Degree in Sports Medicine from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Albert is clinically specialized in the treatment of cervical disorders, work injury rehabilitation, and sports injury rehabilitation. In 2002, Albert was invited to be the team Physiotherapist, cum coach of the Hong Kong Team, at the 8th FESPIC (Bussan, Korea). In addition, Albert has been providing volunteer sports physiotherapy services to the sports teams of local universities and for many major international sports events, for instance, the Standard Chartered Marathon, and the Oxfam Trailwalker.

Albert has also been actively engaged in health education to the public, promoting physiotherapy. He has served as the guest speaker for the Social Welfare Department, the Rotary Club, the Hong Kong Judo Association, various national sports teams, and commercial corporations.




Self Photos / Files - arran2Arran Leung


Dr Arran Leung, PhD, is a pioneer and a leader in the field of manipulative physiotherapy in Hong Kong. Back in the late 1970’s, he led the diagnosis, principle of treatment and the skills of manipulation from Australia and the UK to Hong Kong. To many patients and professionals, Arran is experienced in the practice of manipulative physiotherapy, its research and education. To patients and their families, Arran is known for his meticulous examination, thoroughness in investigation and innovative planning of treatment. All these are accompanied by a big heart in care, attention and consideration.


Being a conscientious and inquisitive student of world leaders in the field of manipulative physiotherapy, such as Mr. Maitland (Australia), Dr. Cyriax (UK) and Mr. McKenzie (New Zealand), Arran revises what he gathered and devises a system of diagnosis and treatment which addresses the symptoms and their changes in the course of treatment. Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy students in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 1985 puts Arran in a position to educate, share and proliferate his expertise and experience with clinicians.

Upon his retirement at the University in 2011, Arran is now very active in his many endeavors. Currently, he is the Consultant Physiotherapist at the Rehabilitation Clinic , Clinical Associate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong



Self Photos / Files - kennyKenny Wong


Mr. Kenny Wong graduated with a BSc degree in Physiotherapy from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Upon his graduation, he served in hospital settings, and subsequently in the private sector.

In addition to his Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, Kenny also obtained his Professional Diploma in Acupuncture from the Hong Kong Baptist University, and a MSc degree in Stroke and Clinical Neuroscience from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

It is Kenny’s interest and expertise to combine physiotherapy and the acupuncture technique, so as to maximize the treatment effect on various types of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those related to work conditions.

In addition to delivering clinical services, Kenny has also been conducting health seminars and workshops related to elderly rehabilitation.




Self Photos / Files - mauriceMaurice Hon


Maurice Hon grew up in Toronto, Canada and completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Trent University before moving to Hong Kong and graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.

Maurice’s other academic achievements include a Master of Science in Musculoskeletal Medicine and Rehabilitation from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Certificate in Acupuncture from HKUSpace and a Certificate of Orthopedic Manual Therapy from Curtin University, Australia.

Before joining our team, Maurice worked at the Hong Kong Disneyland resort; providing therapy, training and rehabilitation for many of their performing cast members as well as ergonomic education and training, resulting in multiple recognitions from the Occupational Health & Safety Council.

Maurice’s particular interest and expertise are on management of sport-related injuries through manual therapy and exercise. His involvement in the study of the effect of cold water immersion on sports recovery is published in Medicine ® (Volume 95, Number 1, January 2016). He devotes hundreds of hours each year offering his expertise at events such as the Standard Chartered Marathon, the Raleigh Wilson Trail challenge, Oxfam Trail Walker and more.




Self Photos / Files - natalieNatalie Wong


Before becoming a registered physiotherapist in Hong Kong, Natalie first completed a BSc. in Nursing at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She worked for over 3 years as a registered nurse in Melbourne on the way to become an Associate Nurse Unit Manager at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

After setting aside her nursing career to pursue her goal of becoming a physiotherapist, she returned to Hong Kong and attained the BSc. in Physiotherapy from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Upon graduation, she has worked in the public hospital setting.

Natalie’s clinical interest is in neck and back care through exercise, acupuncture and manual therapy.






Self Photos / Files - william1William Chan


Mr. William Chan graduated from the Department of Rehabilitation Science of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2003. Since then, William has been practicing as a physiotherapist in various private clinics and Non-government organizations.

During his journey of practicing as a physiotherapist, William also acquired a Master Degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a Certificate of Accreditation in Acupuncture from the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association.

William’s treatment approach incorporates different physiotherapy methods including therapeutic exercises, acupuncture and manual techniques. Besides, William is specialized in the use of Shockwave (ESWT) therapy which is a relatively new and effective technique in treating various musculoskeletal disorders.

William 's expertise includes:

  • Manual Therapy and Manipulative Therapy
  • Treatment of back and neck disorders
  • Acupuncture
  • Rehabilitation of sports injuries
  • Shockwave Therapy

In addition to treatment delivery, William also emphasizes disease prevention and public education. He regularly gives health talks and seminars at corporations, institutions and elderly canters so as to enhance public awareness of various orthopaedic disorders, occupational safety and manual handling.




Self Photos / Files - 5512Jerome


Jerome is a registered physiotherapist graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2020. He has worked under the Hospital Authority before joining the private sector.


During his time in public hospital, he was working in different specialties (Orthopaedic and Traumatology, ICU and Surgical unit) where he was able to manage a great variety of complex musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions while dealing with co-existing medical conditions.


After graduation, Jerome has obtained a Diploma for Modern Acupuncture and been accredited for Acupuncture by the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association. Moreover, he is currently studying the MSc in Sports Medicine and Health Science in CUHK to continue his development in this field.


With a deeper understanding in theories of acupuncture, he is able to combine acupuncture into practice and incorporate manual techniques and therapeutic exercises, optimising the treatment outcome for different musculoskeletal disorders.


As a physiotherapist, promoting health related knowledge would be one of our duties. Jerome is keen to provide healthcare seminars to different groups, aiming to prevent injuries and promote healthy lifestyle in the community.